LAUREL, Neb. (KCAU) — Two more people have filed protection orders against the wife of a man accused of murdering four people.

Police in Laurel alleged that Jason Jones shot four people and committed arson in two different homes. Jones has been taken into custody and is awaiting trial.

In one order, a neighbor of Carrie Jones claimed that Jones on more than one occasion threatened his life and the life of his wife. One of these happened in August just a few weeks after the alleged crimes took place.

“I have learned she has purchased a firearm. Even though she has not pointed it at me, I would feel better if she would be restricted from owning a firearm for now,” one of the petitioners wrote.

He added that he felt he would be safer if Jones was not allowed to have a gun or make contact with him, according to court documents.

The man’s wife also filed for a protection order against Carrie Jones. She wrote that she’s afraid to walk around town even going a block to the grocery store because she believes that she is in danger. She wrote that since the murders took place, she has not felt safe in her home.

“I truly feel she will kill again and can’t sleep afraid she will break in and kill us,” the second petitioner wrote.

Currently, the protection orders have been granted by the judge. Jones will also have the right to have the case heard in court and potentially have the protective orders thrown out.

Jones has already had one person, the fiancé of one of the alleged victims of her husband, file a protection order against her. In that case, the order was granted ex parte, which meant it was granted without a hearing, but Jones filed asking for a hearing on the protection order.