LINCOLN, Neb. (KCAU) – A Siouxland area project was one of the several items cut from the 2023-2025 Biennium Budget by Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen.

In Nebraska, the governor has the power of line-item veto, meaning he can accept a bill but reject portions of the bill which he disagrees with. In a three-page letter to the Nebraska Legislature, Pillen outlined his reasons for vetoing several items, including the Cedar/Knox County Rural Drinking water project.

The budget passed by the legislature would have given the project an additional $7 million to the project out of the general fund. According to the governor, the state has given the project more than $32 million when including American Rescue Plan Act funds and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds.

“This project has already seen significant investment from the State,” Pillen said in his letter to the Nebraska Legislature.

Other major products cut by the governor include cuts to Shovel Ready Capital Recovery and Investment Act, rural workforce housing, middle income housing, and an intended $6 million increase in the budget for child welfare.

According to Gov. Pillen’s numbers, he will save the state $191.2 million over the next four years with the bulk of the saving being from Nebraska’s general fund and cash reserves.