Demonstrators voice opinions on death penalty at execution

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The issue of the death penalty has been contentious in Nebraska for decades.

And this case is no different, especially for one woman whose daughter was murdered in Siouxland more than a decade ago.

Sectioned off in the state penitentiary parking lot, there were areas for death penalty opponents and proponents. One of those is Vivian Tuttle.

Her daughter, Evonne, went to cash a check at a bank in Norfolk on September 26, 2002.

She was the first of five people to be gunned down during the infamous bank robbery, carried out in part by death row inmates Jose Sandoval, Erick Vela and Jorge Galindo.

Vivian is now an advocate for the death penalty and a voice for the families of lost loved ones.

“I support the families of all the victims. There are 12 people on death row, and there are lots of victims,” said Vivian Tuttle.

About a half dozen people protested peacefully against Moore’s execution, for several different reasons.

Matthew Rehwaldt opposes the death penalty, saying, “It’s definitely a moral issue. As a citizen of this state, the state derives it’s power from the citizens, and as one of the citizens, I feel like it’s my duty and responsibility to come out and say, ‘Not for me.'”

For Matt Maly, his protest is politically focused.

“Nebraskans across the state are opposed to what is happening here today. The much better alternative is to lock them up and throw away the key. If that had happened 40 years ago, none of us would be here today and we wouldn’t even remember this man’s name,” said Maly.

For Vivian Tuttle though, the loss of her daughter will never be forgotten.

“My daughter left a three year-old, a five year-old, and an 18 year-old. They’re never going to get over this. So we need to keep the death penalty so we can have justice for those families.”

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