NEBRASKA (WHO) — The Ankeny hunters who garnered fame on YouTube for their hunting content has taken a plea deal for hunting violations in Nebraska.

Josh and Sarah Bowmar were charged in 2020 in connection with the largest poaching sting in Nebraska history. The Bowmars conducted hunts with Hidden Hills Outfitters near Broken Bow, Nebraska. The couple lived in Ohio at the time.

Court documents show that the Bowmars purchased hunting and guiding services from Hidden Hills for the purposes of acquiring wildlife against Nebraska regulations. Some of the allegations against the outfitter claim they violated wildlife baiting regulations.

Videos of the Bowmars hunts with the outfitter were posted to their social media pages.

Earlier this month, the Bowmars pleaded guilty to violating the Lacey Act — or illegally obtaining wildlife. Four other charges were dropped in the plea deal, including baiting of wildlife.

They face a maximum penalty of one year in prison, one year of supervised release, and a $100,000 fine. They will be sentenced on January 12.