OMAHA, Neb. (KCAU) — The giraffe calf born at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in March has been given her name.

The female calf who was born on March 19 has been named Hope.

The name was inspired by a long-time supporter and volunteer named Peg Pease, the Zoo said in a release. Pease usually works in the Syd and Betty Cate Giraffe Herd Rooms where she educates guests on the Zoo’s herd.

The Zoo said that Pease had been calling the calf Hope and the name was adopted by the Giraffe Care team when they heard about it.

“All of us have been ‘hoping’ this little girl survives, and our Keepers and Veterinary Care staff are doing great work to make that happen,” Pease said. “As we provide ‘hope’ for this calf, she is also providing ‘hope’ for us and all of her wild counterparts.”

The Zoo has been providing Hope with around-clock-care since her birth because her mother, Zota, has not been providing expected levels of maternal care, the Zoo said. Zota is eight-years-old and Hope is her first calf.

The Zoo said that Hope is getting stronger every day and her condition is remaining guarded. She stays in a treatment stall while receiving care from Animal Care and veterinary teams at the Zoo.