Midvale, UT (ABC News) – A woman in Utah is kicking off a campaign that could break barriers in Utah’s politics, and even make history.

Sophia Hawes-Tingey is running for a seat for the Midvale city council, and if she wins, she would be the first open, transgender person elected to office in the state of Utah.

She currently serves as the secretary for the community council, but has higher ambitions.

She says her contacts at all levels of government and experience fighting for marriage equality, employment and housing rights, are just what the city needs.

“There are some people who may feel that I’m not qualified simply because I’m living my authentic self,” says Hawes-Tingey. “But in reality, that makes me more qualified,
because I’m more in touch with who I am with the people.”

Now if she is elected, if she is elected, Hawes-Tingey wants to have a say in the challenges that come with a projected population explosion, and addressing maintenance needs in older parts of the city.