Utah restaurant raises kangaroo meat controversy

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ROY, Utah (CNN) – Exotic meat specials at a popular burger joint in Utah are usual. Some customers say the fast-food hot spot went too far this month.

Roy, Utah’s popular lunch-time pit stop.

“Burger Bar is the go-to place,” said Bronson Volk. It’s his favorite place to go.

Here, they’re known for serving up something different.

“Hi, can I get a kangaroo burger,” asked Volk.

This month’s special straight from Australia.

“It’s probably not the best time to have it on the menu,” said one customer.

“Poor kangaroos! Who does that?” asked another customer.

The burgers have some disgusted.

“Australia is going through a lot [of] problems right now with the fire and everything. Millions of animals are dead,” a customer mentioned.

“You see on the news images of kangaroos fleeing the fires through all the smoke and the haze,” said a customer.

It seems badly timed, but Burger Bar manager Joe Fowlers said they ordered the meat months ago.

“It was on [a] ship coming to us long before the fires started,” said Fowlers.

The meat came in at the end of December.

“We actually considered not doing it, but kind of logistically it’s very difficult to hold onto hundreds of pounds of meat. We don’t have space for it,” added Fowlers.

So they served it anyway.

Fowlers said they’re actually helping Australia’s economy with their business.

“It shouldn’t offend people, really. It’s just hamburgers. We’re not making a statement or anything like that,” mentioned Fowlers.

It’s not stopping Bronson.

“I think people should probably stop being so sensitive about stuff,” said Volk.

He doesn’t think twice before biting into his kangaroo burger.

“I don’t think it really tastes that different. It’s a little saltier than normal but it’s still a good burger,” added Volk.

Australia’s government allows millions of kangaroos to be hunted for meat each year.

Burger Bar said it never serves meat from endangered animals and will reconsider its kangaroo burgers if the fires cause a major population decline.

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