(ABC NEWS) – Puerto Rico continued to shake from aftershocks Tuesday night, following two powerful earthquakes in the past two days.

At least one person has been confirmed dead, and dozens of others are injured.

Puerto Rico is now in a state of emergency after a 6.5 magnitude (M) earthquake rocked the island, followed by at least 11 aftershocks.

Officials preemptively shut down the island’s notoriously vulnerable power grid, leaving many in darkness.

The governor has activated the National Guard.

Tuesday’s earthquake followed a 5.8M earthquake on Monday, one of the strongest ever to hit the territory.

Houses were knocked off their foundations, power poles snapped, and a famous landmark, the Punta Venta Rock Formation has been destroyed.

There were more than 13 strong aftershocks following the 6.5M earthquake on Tuesday.

Officials have said that tremors have saturated the area since late December, with Monday’s quake hitting less than 10 miles off the southwest coast near the major city of Ponce.

There have been reports of several injuries pouring in, including at least one death due to a wall collapsing on one person.

The White House says President Trump and the FEMA Administrator have been in contact with the Puerto Rican Governor and monitoring the situation, hoping to have the power back on by Wednesday.

Power restoration may be an issue due to there being reports of damage to the main power plants.