SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The abortion battle is heating up in nearly two dozen states as lawmakers consider bills to ban or restrict access to abortion.

Wednesday night, CBS Evening News spoke with a doctor who works at the only abortion clinic in South Dakota. They’re taking a closer look at what’s happening right here in Sioux Falls.

Dr. Sarah Traxler flies from Minneapolis to Sioux Falls, has an escort at the airport for security.

“I sort of feel at some level if I don’t do it and the other three physicians who do it with me don’t do it.. There wouldn’t be anything for these patients,” Dr. Traxler said.

The clinic says it hasn’t been able to get in-state doctors, who fear harassment and possible retaliation from hospitals.

Even with four doctors traveling from other states, patients face a 5-week wait for an appointment.

South Dakota has some of the most restrictive requirements for abortion.

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