Senators finishing second day of questions for Democratic House managers

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WASHINGTON (KCAU) – Senators in Washington finished the second day of questions in the President’s impeachment trial.

Senators had another eight hours to grill Democratic House managers as well as President Trump’s defense team.

But after all that time, several issues remain, one question was refused by Chief Justice John Roberts because it called for the name of the whistleblower to be released.

As the final day of questions closes, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says the key issue of new witnesses is settled in her mind.

“Then we’ll better be able to determine if we need more testimony, but at this point, I don’t know that the House managers have made their case that this is an impeachable offense, so I doubt we’ll need to go down the witness path,” said Sen. Ernst.

Senators will debate calling witnesses on Friday and could hold a vote the same day or hold off on the vote until Saturday.

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