CLEVELAND (WJW) — Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett is known to scare opposing offenses with his terrifying play and frightening stats that make all quarterbacks tremble in fear every season. 

But Garrett’s other fall festive skill is bringing fictional horror movies to life at his home. 

From the big screen to Garrett’s front yard, his latest Halloween display is based off the “Jeepers Creepers” horror movie franchise. Originally debuting back in 2001, the four-part movie franchise is now displayed in real life in the Browns Pro Bowler’s front yard. 

His decorations include the film’s monster “Creeper” above his front door. Garrett even has the famous 1941 Chevy pickup truck with a cow catcher mounted on the front bumper made famous from the original movie parked in his yard. 

It’s not all the creepy and gory Jeepers Creepers decorations. Garrett sprinkled his football touch with this year’s decorations, including five quarterbacks mounted on corn stalks. 

Prior to the Browns game against the Seahawks on Sunday, Garrett showed up dressed as the “Creeper.”  

Garrett’s first Halloween decorations two years ago featured a quarterback graveyard, including the names of quarterbacks Garrett sacked on tombstones. Last year’s theme was based off of the Netflix TV show “Stranger Things.”