(WJW) – A lawsuit filed against Kellogg’s claims the way the company markets its strawberry Pop-Tarts is misleading.

Anita Harris is suing the breakfast food giant, alleging the fruit filling in Kellogg’s Whole Grain Frosted Strawberry Toaster Pastries is mostly other fruits, multiple reports say. The product’s nutrition label actually shows the pastries are heavier on pears and apples than strawberries, reports TMZ.

In the lawsuit, Harris says red coloring in the Pop-Tarts gives “the false impression” they contain more strawberries than they actually do.

And for that, she says the damages exceed $5 million. She also wants to see Pop-Tarts labeled more accurately.

“Whether a toaster pastry contains only strawberries or merely some strawberries … is basic front label information consumers rely on when making quick decisions at the grocery store,” the lawsuit, obtained by USA Today, reads. “Strawberries are the Product’s characterizing ingredient … (consumers) believe they are present in an amount greater than is the case.”

Kellogg’s told The Hill it is not commenting on the pending lawsuit.