Lawmakers in Washington introducing War Power Resolutions in wake of U.S. and Iran tensions rising

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WASHINGTON (KCAU) – Tensions rising Tuesday night between the U.S. And Iran.

As the back-and-forth between President Trump and Iran continues, other leaders in the region are calling for “restraint,” hoping for a de-escalation to the situation.

Now, a few lawmakers in Washington are introducing War Power Resolutions to prevent the President from taking action in the Middle East without Congressional approval.

While some Democrats are pushing for the new measure, Republicans are not supportive of the move, including South Dakota Senator John Thune, who says top leaders need to handle these decisions.

“I would prefer, at least, that discussion about that occur between our generals and the President and his team, and not in the public,” said Senator Thune, (R-SD).

The Trump Administration said General Quesam Soleimani was killed to prevent a future attack, but few details have been released.

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