How to handle alcohol temptations at holiday gatherings

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DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — In the weeks ahead chances are you will attend a gathering with tables set, full glasses, and plenty of food. With all the holiday excitement it is easy to celebrate in many ways, one being enjoying the alcoholic beverages that are usually present at these events.

A recent survey conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Ritual Zero Proof which is a liquor alternative, found that 58 percent of people agreed that their family drinks too much at these holiday events.

As the holidays are a stressful time for many, those who deal with substance abuse issues may be put in an extra hard position.

Taking care of yourself during this time is important and the manager at Powell Chemical Dependency Center, Amy Oehlert gave various options for people to look into. From 12 step programs, church activities, and looking into employee assistance programs with your workplace can all benefit people who struggle.

Local medical professionals say that surrounding yourself with people who understand that you may not always want to drink or may have to skip out on something due to temptation is always a good idea.

“If alcohol is available at the gathering, either, you know, I’m going to abstain because I know one drink often turns into more than I can handle or, you know, is alcohol just something that I should stay away from period at the gathering or is the gathering something I really need to attend?” suggests Oehlert.

Powell has various resources for people who may be struggling, have questions or want to seek help. You can find those here.

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