IOWA (WHO) — Congresswoman Ashley Hinson on Wednesday joined a bipartisan announcement welcoming $829 million in funding for a Mississippi River dam and lock project, just months after she voted against the bill that funds the project.

In November, Hinson was one of 200 Republicans to vote against the ‘Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act’. The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill provides spending for thousands of projects across the country for the next decade and beyond.

Before it’s passage, Hinson referred to the bill as a “Socialist spending spree“. On Wednesday, though, Hinson claimed credit for helping “lead a bipartisan group” in urging the Mississippi River funding from President Biden. That apparent contradiction is being called into question by Hinson’s colleagues – former and current – in the media. California Congressman Eric Swalwell – himself an Iowa native – Tweeted that Hinson should be thankful that “House Democrats passed this bill and … did your dam job.” Iowa State Senator Liz Mathis – who is running to challenge Hinson this fall as a Democrat – said via Twitter that Hinson is “taking credit for work she didn’t do.

On Thursday morning, Hinson’s office said even though the Congresswoman was opposed to the bill, now that it is law she will work to get as much money for the state of Iowa as she can, especially if that means denying funding from certain other states – specifically California and New York and other states “like” them.

Senator Charles Grassley is the only Iowa Republican in Congress to vote for the infrastructure bill. Democratic Congresswoman Cindy Axne also supported it.