Governors ramp up testing as states decide how to reopen

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NEW YORK (ABC NEWS) – As more states push to reopen, governors continue to hammer home the importance of testing and the FDA is stepping up its requirements for antibody tests before they head into the market.

But as businesses start to open their doors, they’re having to make some adjustments to protect their customers.

America’s governors continue to hone in and ramp up COVID-19 testing, insisted on gathering as much data as possible as they decide when and how to reopen their states.

“It’s incredibly important to the success of our community tracing program, both of which will have a lot to do with our new normal, once we get there,” said Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker.

New York continues to see what state leaders are calling a substantial amount of new cases, but Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the state has now passed one million tests.

“We’re doing more testing than any other state or country per capita. We’re coming online very, very quickly but we still have more to do,” said Gov. Cuomo.

As many start to focus in on antibody testing, the FDA has updated its requirements that include:

  • Requesting labs and companies seek emergency authorization before distributing tests for use other than population research
  • Providing validation the tests are effective and accurate

That’s amid reports of a new antibody test that’s already received emergency authorization has shown to be highly reliable, but health officials warn, antibody testing is not a magic bullet.

“You shouldn’t do a test unless you know what you will do with the results of that test, and right now everyone is clear. You should not alter any social distancing behavior based on the results of any antibody test yet,” said Dr. Jen Ashton, ABC News Chief Medical Editor.

As businesses start to reopen, major companies like COSTCO and Macy’s will require their employees wear masks.

Clothing company J. Crew has become the first major national retailer to file for bankruptcy in this pandemic.

The New York Times reports a FEMA document based on CDC data suggests the U.S. death toll could rise to 3,000 a day by early June but the White House said that data doesn’t reflect the data of the Coronavirus Task Force.

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