SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The Federal Trade Commission put out a scam alert earlier today after reports of calls asking people for donations to fire and police organizations.

“We see different versions of this scam throughout the year where scammers will call purporting to be from various organizations, whether it be fundraising for disaster or fundraising for other legitimate organizations,” said Jeremy McClure, Sergeant of the Sioux City Police Department.

Organizations, like the police, that don’t usually ask for donations over the phone.

“Well, for one, the National Police Association, I looked on their website, they do not solicit over the phone. So if somebody says they’re from the National Police Association then that is going to be a scam and you need to hang up,” said Laura Chavez, Vice President of Operations at Better Business Bureau.

It is sometimes hard to know whether or not a call is fake, but there are ways to know for sure.

“With the fundraiser ones, ask for a website and if they kind of stammer or they don’t have one or they don’t have a legitimate website to send you to, then be suspicious,” said McClure.

Both Sgt. McClure and Chavez have stated that being pressured to donate to organizations is the best indication that these are scams.