China accuses U.S. of overreacting and spreading mass hysteria over Coronavirus outbreak

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BEIJING (CNN) – Cases of the Coronavirus have been confirmed in 26 countries, spanning North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Beijing is accusing Washington of feeding mass hysteria after the country partially withdrew its embassy staff and issued a travel ban for foreign nationals.

With the numbers looking grimmer by the day from the epicenter, the Coronavirus has now entered the arena of international politics.

On Monday, China lashed out at the U.S. Government’s response to this outbreak, accusing Washington of grossly overreacting and fanning mass hysteria around the world.

A foreign ministry spokesman said while other countries have shown support to China’s efforts to contain the virus, the U.S. Government so far has not provided China with any assistance.

Instead, the U.S. was the first country to pull out its counsel and staffers out of Wuhan, the first country to partially withdraw its embassy staff, and the first country to impose a very strict travel ban on Chinese citizens against the advice from the World Trade Organization (WHO).

The timing is interesting as the U.S. is trying to sending a second evacuation flight to Wuhan to pick up more stranded U.S citizens from the city. With additional flights possibly down the road, due to continued high demand from U.S. citizens still in Wuhan, according to the U.S. State Department.

Now for the Chinese authorities, though their focus remains to be containment in the epicenter.

They are doing several things. One is to make more testing kits available by ramping up production of these testing kits to more than 700,000 a day, able to meet all demands according to officials.

They’re also sending more medical professionals from around the country, more than 8,000 of them to reinforce overworked local doctors and nurses.

Then, they’ve been building these two brand new facilities on the outskirts of Wuhan.

The construction for the first one just completed, and that facility opened on Sunday and is now under the control of the Chinese military with 1,400 military personnel running this facility ready to receive patients from Wuhan and surrounding areas.

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