California P.E. teacher gets creative by transforming garage into gym to teach his students

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AUBURN, Calif. (KOVR) – The coronavirus pandemic changed how educators operate and students are now learning via virtual classrooms.

Teachers are having to get creative, like one California P.E. teacher who transformed his garage into a gym.

“We’re just going to do some simple warm ups,” said Jared Sellers, P.E. teacher.

Jared Sellers’ classroom sure has changed since the coronavirus moved everyone inside their own homes.

The Auburn Unified School District Special Education teacher is using a forgotten part of the house to teach his students.

“I looked at my garage and it was a bit of a mess. And, knew that I could transform it into a space where I could teach students. It was a process and it took a village to put it together,” said Jared Sellers, Auburn Unified School District Adaptive P.E. teacher.

It also took money. Sellers said it cost him around $1,500 of his own hard-earned money making his garage into a home gym for virtual classes.

He bought equipment, flooring, and adding a new drain so the garage wouldn’t flood if it rained, all to make online lessons for his students, like Paloma and Vanessa Clark, feel as in-person as possible.

“I do get chocked up to see the look on their face because they saw him because they felt so disconnected. And they didn’t fully hard to explain to them exactly what was going on and why weren’t able to go to school,” said Renee Clark, Paloma and Vanessa’s mother.

This exercise angel’s classes are meant to help with his students with motor learning skills, but these classes through a laptop mean much more than that.

“It is very nice to have not just access to Jared and all of his knowledge. But, to be able to physically see and for the kids to be able to stay connected to the people in their lives,” said Clark.

It may take money, sweat, and occasionally help from his own kids but there’s definitely majors gains during this time of pain.

“There’s no two ways about it. I have a great job. It’s a very meaningful way to spend my time and to see the improvements with the kids is second to none,” Seller said. “So I’m definitely willing to go out of my way to what, improve a little garage space, and learn some new technology if it can make a difference in the kids’ lives.”

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