Big businesses take jobs abroad, leaving U.S. workers behind

National News

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Trade unions say they’re fed up with big businesses that take jobs abroad and leave United State workers behind with empty promises.

“There’s been over a million manufacturing jobs that have moved overseas since the passage of NAFTA. When they say they’re hiring a thousand people where exactly are they hiring these 1000 people,” said Roy Houseman with the United Steel Workers.

Houseman also said these are often the questions workers face when corporations promise jobs that never materialize.

“We want accountability,” said Houseman.

Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown agrees and says it’s time the Federal Government does something to put these actions in the limelight.

“We want to see where exactly those dollars are going,” said Brown.

For the second year in a row, Brown’s pushing a plan to force publicly traded companies to disclose how many jobs they are sending overseas. Right now there’s no federal law on the books mandating this.

“They think they can just get away with things,” Brown stated.

Brown said the lack of transparency emboldens corporations to make poor decisions. He says General Motors decision to shut down it’s Lordstown plant in Ohio is a prime example of the problem. Roughtly 4,500 Ohio workers were laid off as a result. Meanwhile, the auto giant is boosting it’s production in Mexico.

“When people find out what osme of these decisions are based off for some of these companies I think they’ll take a second look at what they’re doing,” stated Brown.

After his plan failed to pass last year, Brown is hoping to garner support as the lawmakers debate new trade deals with Mexico and Canada.

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