Are you making it harder for businesses to hire employees?

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Pizza Rev is the latest Sioux Falls restaurant to temporally close its doors. Today, the restaurant posted on Facebook that it will be closed until further notice due to the staffing shortage.

We’ve been talking about the worsening problem all week in Your Money Matters; tonight, an important question for customers to consider: could you be making it harder for businesses to find employees?

For three years, Joelle Dieckhoff has welcomed people to breakfast and lunch at Josiah’s in Downtown Sioux Falls. She says the best part of the job is interacting with customers.

“Most people genuinely are very, very kind, honestly, I want to emphasize, that a lot of people are kind in here, we have great customers, but a lot of people come in and I feel like they don’t even look at me, they look straight at the caramel rolls,” Dieckhoff said. 

Sometimes, customers can make an already tough job even harder.

“Definitely being yelled at I would say, just kind of snippy people, sometimes it’s the little things that affect me the most,” Dieckhoff said. 

“Needy customers, even in the best of times, are always a struggle. But right now at this time when you’re short staffed, trying to do more things than you can and you’ve got people being pesty… It’s just not fun,” Overtime Sports Bar and Grill Co-Owner Jeff Dougherty said.

Restaurant owners all over Sioux Falls are short on staff.

“Ideally looking at eight to ten people,” Dougherty said.

And while customers may notice a difference in service.

“I think it’s stressful on everybody, I think everybody feels it,” Dougherty said.

The shortage is even more noticeable for the staff.

“They’re just working faster and are more productive than what they used to have to be,” Josiah’s owner Kibbi McCormick said. 

McCormick, says for the most part, customers are understanding.

“They can really see that we are working as fast as we can, and so I think that makes them understand that we’re doing it the best we can with what we’ve got,” McCormick said. “There’s people running around here with sweat dripping off of them, so I think it really sinks in that we’re trying, we’re trying to do our best.”

But even a few challenging customers can make coming to work all that much more difficult.

“Please have patience with everybody because they’re really trying to do their best,” McCormick said. 

“Nobody wants to come to work and get mistreated,” Dougherty said. “We’re all suffering from it, so please be kind to the people that are out there that actually show up to work.”

This worker shortage has been going on all summer long and for many dedicated workers and small business owners, its meant skipping any vacation time. Earlier this month, MB Haskett’s closed its doors for two weeks, just to give its workers some much needed time off before summer ends.

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