Move it Monday: The office workout


Chances are you are reading this story or watching the video while you are sitting. But how much did you already sit today? Research has linked the amount of sitting to a number of health concerns including an increased risk for heart disease.

“It’s your health in general. Your muscle tension, back aches, your weight. Sedentary behavior has been linked to all of these,” Hilary Overby, wellness specialist at Mercy said. “We just don’t realize how much we actually sit.”

According to research by the mayo clinic, too much sitting can result in a 50 percent increase in risk of dying from any cause and a 125 percent increase in risk for cardiovascular disease. And the key to fixing the problem is actually easy. It does however involve a change of habit.

“We all love to sit. Everybody is affected. You really want to try to get up every hour, every couple of hours even if it’s just a couple of minutes,” Overby said. “If it involves sitting, be conscious of how much you actually get up.”

As for your desk and work environment, you might have a gym right in front of you. Try triceps dips, you can see them in our video. Go to a nearby wall and try some wall pushups. Those really help with the definition of your arms and get you a good workout. Grab a case of paper from the copier and do a shoulder press, you can see it in our story as well. It’s really easy and even if you don’t want to do these exercises.

“If you have stairs, take the stair over the elevator. Even just walking the hallways. Taking the longer way to the restroom or the hallway.  If it’s just 10 seconds longer, it’s still movement,” Overby said.

Think about this, getting that extra movement, might also let you finish your least favorite task at the office a little faster.

“Giving yourself that 30 seconds or five minute break of just getting your energy up helps you to stay more focused and helps you to reboot and refresh your brain.”

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