Mom and daughter create ‘street safari’ in DC neighborhood


WASHINGTON, D.C. (CNN) – Stay at home orders have been tough on everyone, including kids who may not fully understand why they can’t go to school or see their friends.

A mother and daughter organized an event for their Washington, D.C. neighborhood to help out and had more than 200 people participate.

“We are very fortunate our neighbors that live a few houses down put together this safari,” said Kara Getz, resident of the Georgetown neighborhood.

India Olchefske with the help of her mom Judy helped designed and created the Georgetown Street Safari. They got houses in the neighborhood to display stuffed animals in the windows for people to look for while out on a walk.

“I would say definitely bears are probably the most highly represented species, followed quickly by dogs,” Olchefske said.

Olchefske said that they’ve seen beanie babies to antique stuffed animals that have been passed down through generations.

“So my grandfather lived in this home. Purchased this home in 1941 and he used to wear a bow tie. And so I called this the pop pop bear,” said Monica Roache, another resident.

Olchefske said they thought it would just be 20 houses to participate for one day for a few hours, but there are now more than 200 houses participating, she thinks it’ll take some time to find all the stuffed animals.

Judith Bunnell, Olchefske’s mother who helped create the safari said that it helps to give kids something to do during the pandemic.

Neighbors love the idea, agreeing that helps give kids active during the pandemic.

“They created an incredible safari as something for the children to do an activity so that they can walk and they can look for animals,” resident Jodi Ovca said.

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