SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A Michigan man is biking his way across the country. His goal is to bringing awareness to those suffering from mental health issues.

Scott Hite has been on the road for 52 days now. Scott Hite started his thousand of mile journey in his hometown and will end in Montana. Along the way, he hopes to do some good.

In the U.S. alone, gun violence results in tens of thousands of deaths and injuries annually. Hite believes part of the problem is a lack of outreach. So he created a hotline for those planning violence with firearms. He now carries three cellphones to always be available twenty-four seven for callers.

“Its a chance to intercept the person and give them some help and give them someone they can reach out to before they do something and you know that can make a huge difference and stop a lot of misery from happening for everyone,” said Hite the creator of the nonprofit organization WaitOne.

Hites cycling journey started back in May and he’s biked over fourteen hundred miles since then. Town by town he hopes to bring awareness about his organization to let others know he will always be there to answer a call.

“The goal of the hotline is to have someone answer the phone in person every time even now and as it moves forward. I don’t want anyone to be put on hold or get voicemail the goal is if someone calls they get to talk to somebody, ” said Hite.

For now, Hite is the only one answering calls on his hotline. But he hopes with time more people who want to support his cause and help grow the organization.

Sioux City is only halfway through Hites cycling journey. Once it’s over,
He says he will continue spreading his message to those who weren’t on his cycling trail.

By the end of his journey, he plans to have traveling 26,000 miles through 10 states letting others know about his Wait One mission. If you would like to donate to Hite’s nonprofit organzation you can do so by clicking here or if you would like to give him you can do so at 833-WAIT-ONE.