Mental Wellness Wednesday: Managing stress in the workplace


Life can get pretty stressful sometimes; whether its your kids, relationships or finances, life is full of stressors.

In this week’s Mental Wellness Wednesday, we take a closer look at managing one of life’s most common stressors.

“Of course work gets stressful,” Dave Borrink of Sioux City said.

Work stress is something just about everyone deals with throughout their career.

“I work with the public and they can be demanding sometimes,” Borrink said.

“If there’s a problem, its normally a big problem,” Jon Fields of Sioux City said.

“Its really easy to just get caught up in the little details,” Cassie Chilton of Sioux City said.

But sometimes even those little issues can lead to much bigger problems.

“I carry that stress from work with me,” Fields said. “I’m still thinking about the things I need to work on later.”

“If you get really caught up in work you can bring it home with you and it definitely impacts your relationships and your family,” Chilton said.

And its not just your personality that could suffer from all the added stress.

“It can affect you physically,” Sioux City Boys and Girls Home certified therapist Stacey Norton said. “You might have stomach issues, headaches, some people it changes their body chemistry where they might have increased heart rate or high blood pressure.”

Its why mental health professionals say its important to talk with someone to help ease some of that work stress weight.

“For any of us, if we’re under stress its really important to evaluate, do I have any control of what I’m feeling stress about. And if yo do, make a plan of action,” Norton said.

That plan can help you move forward from the stress.

“Lets say you have a lot of paperwork you’re behind on, you make an action plan to get caught up on,” Norton said.

“When I get really stressed and overwhelmed I look at the end goal instead of what it takes to get there. So I think just slowing down, making a to-do list and taking things one small step at a time helps me,” Chilton said.

Making it easier to focus on the things that make your work worthwhile.

“You have to like what you do, that’s important,” Borrink said. “I definitely find fulfillment in work, I get to create beautiful things and make people’s days sometime.”

“We get to see huge success stories and we get to work on projects that help people,” Fields said.

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