Mental Wellness: Residential mental health care for kids


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Mental health issues can impact people of all ages, including children. Sometimes family therapy or individual counseling can be enough to help, but other times more constant care is needed.

“I was getting in trouble in school, in trouble with my family, I was very belligerent/ defiant, I had depression issues,” former Boys and Girls Home residential patient Melinda Bond said.

After getting kicked out of school, Bond said her family was running out of options. She was admitted to full-time residential care and school at Sioux City’s Boys and Girls Home.

“It was actually the first place that I felt like somebody cared about me,” Bond said.

She says the care and counseling she received at the boys and girls home changed the course of her life forever.

“I had a bad temper, I learned to control my temper, how to check in with myself and use the tools that they were giving me in therapy and my classes, to take that negative energy and turn it into something good,” Bond said.

It’s the kind of outlook healthcare professionals at the boys and girls home continue to install in their patients. Kids in residential care have issues hurting themselves or others.

“We have 24-hour care here, always going to be someone here with them. We are trained to notice the signs and symptoms that come with this, sometimes we’ll say every 15 minutes, someone needs to be monitored. If they’re still self-harming, we have to be an arms reach away. We just take a lot more precautions here,” Jacobson said.

This is a treatment that could save a child’s life.

“I survived my childhood, I don’t have to let what I went through define what my future is,” Bond said.

Just like Bond, getting the proper help and treatment can lead to a very bright future ahead.

Bond now works in a doctor’s office in Colorado and continues to give back to Sioux City’s Boys and Girls Home, coming back to town to host and help with fundraising for many years.

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