Medical students in Georgia balance studies with acapella singing group


AUGUSTA, GA. (WRDW/WAGT) – They’re learning how to save lives and in the meantime, they’re helping enrich them.

A group of medical students in Georgia balances their studies with making beautiful music.

They’re anything but typical.

Decked out in white jackets, the Serotoneins are hitting all the right notes.

“It gives me something to do other than studying for once,” said Dylan Scott, The Serotoneins.

The sound of four-part harmonies rings through the halls at the education commons at the heart of Augusta’s Medical District.

“Music has just always been important growing up. I did so much through high school. I was a big band nerd and then even in college, it back off a little bit just because of studying,” said Scott.

The first- and second-year students at the Medical College of Georgia students make up the acapella group.

Some of their songs are new, but one of them never changes.

“My favorite that we do is Hallelujah,” said Tyler Beauchamp, The Serotoneins.

That song is one that has been taught to the group since it started.

But most recently, the Serotoneins got a lot of attention because of one video.

Nearly 700 shares and over 42,000 views later, they’re becoming a sensation.

“It became kind of this running thing in our group to check how many views are we at. It suddenly hit 20 and 30. So it’s unbelievable that people are really responding to it,” said Beauchamp.

It’s something they didn’t expect.

But shows what the power of music can do.

“At the very least with all of this watching the views kind of rise, talking about it, having people approach us. It’s something that we’ve been really proud of. It’s something that’s brought us closer together as a group,” said Beauchamp.

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