Maine fisherman continue working, selling product directly to consumers


BELFAST, Maine (CNN) – Industries left and right are suffering from the effects of the novel coronavirus, so one group of fishermen from Maine decided to bring the product directly to the consumer while keeping safety in mind.

Customers are leaving the scene with the bucket, bag, bowl and coolers packed to the brim. Maine Working Waterfront Seafood Connection is connecting people to fresh local seafood while it’s hard to come by.

“With everything going around, people want fresh and local. They want to know what they’re getting. It’s only been handled by one person, the fishermen,” said Ali Farrell, the event’s organizer.

The fishermen were forced into the situation a result of the coronavirus, and it’s now coming at a low price.

“We’re just like everybody else, everybody’s kind of unemployed right now. What happened to take these extra measures to sell to the public herself and just to have a job, just to keep some money going in,” said Noah Ames. “We’re selling offices at pretty discounted rate. Like what do they go on for $6 to $7 a pound or now, which is way less than we usually get. We usually get from $10 and $12 a pound right now off the boat.”

With an event draws crowds of dozens, organizers are stressing the importance of social distancing.

“That’s why I’m here at the event so that I can make sure to keep reminding people about the six foot rule. It’s new to all of us, so I think it’s easy to forget. So that’s why I’m here, to just keep reminding people.”

“Everybody pretty much staying back. And except for me just interacting with the people that are right here and just the gloves. So I’m just trying to stay as safe as I can. Keep everybody else safe,” Ames said.

The group plans to continue as long as the fisherman need it and people keep buying.

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