‘You’ve Been Ticketed’ awards ice cream to kids wearing bike helmets

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Several Siouxland businesses are teaming up with the Sioux City Police Department to help encourage more kids to wear their helmets while out on their bikes this summer. 

The “You’ve Been Ticketed” campaign is a joint effort between the PD, Opportunities Unlimited, Volunteer Trailblazers, and local Dairy Queens. One local Siouxlander is dedicated to practicing safe biking habits. 

“It’s very important because if you weren’t to wear a helmet and you were to fall, who knows what could happen. I mean, you could get hurt very bad if you don’t wear a helmet and you end up falling,” said Cadence Arnold.

The 11-year-old Arnold learned early on just how important wearing a helmet can be for your safety. 

“I was riding, and I hit a rock, and the bike fell, and I scraped my arm, but my head hit the ground, so if I wasn’t wearing a helmet, I would have gotten hurt a lot worse than I did,” said Arnold.

It’s why the Sioux City police are working to encourage Siouxland kids to always wear their helmet. 

“So we’re going to see a lot of kids on the bike, a lot of kids on foot and a lot of kids outside so this is one of those things that is a good way to initiate getting outside with the kids, and giving them safety tips and rewarding them for good behaviors,” said Chief Rex Mueller of the Sioux City Police Department. 

The PD will be handing out more than 200 tickets to kids wearing helmets this summer. Kids can use the “You’ve Been Ticketed”  coupons to get a free ice cream cone from any Sioux City or Sergeant Bluff Dairy Queen location. 

“Throughout the summer month, we can recognize children who are practicing bicycle helmet safety, stopping them, giving them a ticket that can be turned in for an ice cream treat at Dairy Queen. This is just a great way to promote brain injury prevention,” said President and CEO Jennifer Mccabe of Opportunities Unlimited.

It is the fifth year these Sioux City organizations have come together to reinforce the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet when hitting the road.

“If they were to fall and actually hurt themselves without a helmet, they could hurt themselves so much without wearing one,” said Arnold.

A few weeks ago, the police department handed out more than 1,300 helmets to second graders around the Sioux City area. Now, thanks to their partnership with Dairy Queen the PD is hoping the sweet treat will be enough to remind all of them to put their helmets on before riding around town. 

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