Your Health Matters: Women’s surgery now available in-office without need for anesthesia

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Women facing infertility or other problems due to a specific issue now have a new option to treat the problem.

Siouxland Obstetrics and Gynecology is now able to do a uterine surgery right in the clinic thanks to new technology to remove uterine polyps.

Polyps can cause problems, ranging from abnormal bleeding to infertility and even problems post-menopause.

The new tool is called MyoSure, and it allows doctors to remove the entire polyp right in the office during a simple procedure.

Dr. Hannah Dewald says, “So, the advantage is, hopefully you pain is still fully controlled and you won’t feel anything except the numbing medicine going in. But, you won’t have to go to sleep with general anesthesia. It will hopefully be a more cost-effective way to do the procedure, because you are not needing the anesthesia and the operating room; it’s all done here in our office.”

Your doctor will know if you’d be a good candidate for the procedure. During the actual procedure, a camera goes inside the uterus, as well, so the doctor can make sure they’re getting all of the tissue.

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