YOUR HEALTH MATTERS: Univ. of Iowa study reveals new dangers of cell phone use while driving

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Exactly how distracting is it to talk on your cell phone while driving?

New research out from the University of Iowa suggests even using blue tooth or speaker phone while driving is worse than you think.

Americans are dependent on their cell phones, with many of us finding them hard to put down – even when driving.  
Now, a new study reveals that driving while talking is dangerous even if you aren’t holding or looking at your phone at all.
Researchers at University of Iowa conducted an experiment in which subjects were asked to answer questions during a driving simulation. Researchers used computers to track the driver’s eye movements.
What the eye tracking revealed: those engaged in conversation had a delay in their eye movements of about 40 milliseconds. 
It may not sound like a lot, but these delays, the researchers say, can add up, and even a split second delay can spell disaster.
Bottom line? When you’re behind the wheel, keep that phone off and your mind on the road.
Additionally, the complexity of the conversation didn’t seem to matter — Iowa researchers found even simple cell phone calls caused drivers to be distracted.

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