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All over the country, people are dealing with covered driveways and sidewalks. 

Unfortunately, many people die every year from heart attacks while shoveling snow.

The sudden increase in strenuous exercise, all without warming up, puts sudden stress on your heart.  

Add severe cold weather and it can be a shock to your cardiac system. This is even more dangerous if you have heart disease.

These stressors can lead to an abnormal heart rhythm, or even a heart attack.

So take these precautions: 

  • Make sure to warm up for 10-15 minutes beforehand, even if it’s just jogging in place inside.  

  • Shovel small chunks of snow so it’s not too heavy

  • Take breaks often 

Of course, if you have any concerns about your health and shoveling snow, talk it over with your doctor. You may want to delegate the job to someone else. 

And if you decide to shovel snow this winter… remember, there is no prize for finishing first!

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