As the popularity of non-surgical weight loss and sculpting treatments continues to rise, a local dermatology office is seeing success with a new procedure that uses heat to blast fat cells.

Kari Daale admits she was skeptical at first.

“Some of those things, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” Kari says.

But, like many women – and men – she was frustrated with that little pooch of fat on her stomach, that just wouldn’t budge no matter how much she exercised.

Kari says, “Just that little front pooch that doesn’t go away after you have kids, try and try as hard as you want, no matter how many planks and sit-ups and [time] at the gym.”

Kari’s dermatologist, Dr. Michelle Daffer and the staff at Midlands Cosmetic in Sioux City, is seeing success with a new procedure called ‘ScupSure’. In fact, non-surgical methods like this one, have soared in popularity since 2016 – mostly because they’re non-invasive, with no recovery time.

Dr. Daffer says, “And so, instead of having liposuction or surgical procedures done, it’s actually using heat to dissolve away fat.”

looks a little alien, but the lasers in these attachments target fat cells under the skin… then heat them up, damaging them. The damaged cells are removed from your body naturally, and can’t grow back.

Each procedure takes about 25 minutes.

Dr. Daffer says, “It does feel maybe a little tingly, it feels a little bit tight, some people will say it almost feels like when they were in labor, like a tiny contraction that gets tight, and then it goes away.”

As for results: Kari’s enjoying the change, and little extra confidence that’s come along with it.

Kari says, “They were just amazed at how well I had done with it, how well it had worked. [Now] it’s a smoother area; pants fit, clothes fit, just a little bit better.”

SculpSure can be used pretty much anywhere those extra fat deposits pop up. It usually takes a couple sessions and up to 12 weeks to get full results.