Yankton County continues expensive repairs of flood damaged roads

Local News

YANKTON, S.D. (KCAU) – While parts of eastern Iowa continue a flood fight along the Mississippi River, one Siouxland community is still dealing with the aftermath of March floods here.  Many Yankton County roads were left almost impassable. Trucks and other large vehicles were advised to stay off those roads to help avoid unnecessary wear. Officials say people need to be patient while the county deals with the damaged roads.

“And I know it’s frustrating. It’s frustrating for the farmers, it’s frustrating for us. We wish we could be out there full force, but as of right now it’s just we’re going to create more damage than good right now,” Yankton County Highway Superintendent Mike Sedlacek said.

Though it’s been over a month since the flooding occurred, officials say the scale of damage could mean it will still be years before the roads are completely restored.

“It’ll be all summer. It could potentially be even years before we get to some of these roads and the reality is this is a large scale natural disaster. It’s no different than a huge blizzard or a tornado or something like that and it is a serious crisis for our county,” said Dan Klimisch, Chairman of the Yankton County Commission. 

Klimisch says that this is the largest and most expensive disaster to happen in Yankton County with an estimated cost of $20-25 million.

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