Wounded South Sioux City officer reflects on shooting incident

Local News

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – For the first time since he was shot twice by a suspect, we’re hearing directly from South Sioux City police officer Brian Van Berkum. On the job for almost 19 years, Van Beckum is home recuperating from his wounds, and he said the massive outpouring of support he is receiving is helping.

The shooting happened in the early morning hours of May 12, near Los Amigos, a bar and liquor store in South Sioux City. Van Berkum arrived on the scene after reports of a man with a gun. That man was 25-year-old Luis Quinones Rosa. According to reports, Rosa opened fire as Van Berkum confronted him.  

Van Berkum said what happened after that was instinctual.

“Your training just kicks in. You know, I’m lucky I’ve been trained by some of the best trainers. I’ve gotten some of the best training, and my training just kicked in at the time. There’s not much time to think about stuff you just go into action,” said Van Berkum.

Van Berkum said he thinks his physical recovery will take around four to six weeks but added he’s never been through this before so he’s not sure. After that, he says he will concentrate on what it will take to get back to work. He said the unimaginable outpouring of support from the Siouxland community is sure to help. 

“You know, it’s overwhelming. It’s hard to even explain how it makes you feel. You know, to have everyone actually caring about you and taking time out to make sure that I know they care about me. It’s been amazing,” he added.

Van Berkum says he has already had communications with Sioux City Officers Kevin McCormick and Jill Ohm, both of whom were also wounded in the line of duty. For now, he says he’s just focusing on getting healed.

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