SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU) – Every year, local workers, union officials and community leaders take time to remember folks who lost their lives while working.

For Workers’ Memorial Day, all 50 names of the Iowan who died on the job in 2022 were read out loud, followed by a bell toll.

Their ages ranged from 20 years old to 84, and the majority of the deaths were related to unsafe working conditions.

“We just like to remember everybody who does pass away who does go to work. Everyone wants to go to work and come home. The American dream is to support a family, go to little league games every year and see your kids go off to college. And everybody should have, you know, that right to do that.” IBEW Local 231 Director Craig Levine said.

The possible Iowa law that would allow teenagers as young as 14 to work was also discussed.

All local IBEW representatives tonight voicing their opposition toward the bill, which will be voted on in the Iowa House on May 1.