SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee held a meeting in Washington, D.C. Friday further solidifying the presidential nominating process for 2024.

Democrats voted to remove Iowa as the leadoff state on the nominating calendar and replace it with South Carolina beginning with the next election cycle.

In Siouxland, the chair of the Woodbury County Democratic Party, Jeremy Dumkrieger said they knew this was coming, it was a matter of when.

Dumkrieger said Iowa Democrats should push forward and ignore DNC directives.

“And I will be pushing to go first, we’ve always gone first since the 1970’s since Jimmy Carter and we’re not going to give that up so easily. We have to go first; I am not going to break State Law by saying it’s ok we’ll listen to the DNC. The DNC does not tell us what to do. The DNC is a guide, we’re a big club who elects presidents and senators and congressman and everything in-between. They don’t tell us how to run elections, the State of Iowa does. State of Iowa says we have to go first, we’re going first,” said Dumkrieger.

Dumkrieger added the 2020 Caucus chaos Iowa Democrats have been criticized for came at the hands of the DNC when the party’s reporting app failed to work properly.