SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A controversial Woodbury County ordinance is now on the books.

More than 100 residents packed into the County supervisor’s meeting Tuesday night, awaiting the board’s vote on an update for the current ordinance’s wind farm setback guidelines.

Tuesday’s vote followed the third of three public hearings on the ordinance change.

Last year, supervisors established a wind farm setback guideline of 1,250 feet from most public property.

After complaints, the board proposed a setback of 2,500 feet, and that change got passed Tuesday night.

“Puts this issue to bed for right now, this has been months of work for a group of us that really want to go out here and stick up for Woodbury County, stick up for our residents and our rural rights. Our right to peace and quiet in the county as well as raising our family out here and being safe,” said Woodbury County resident Daniel Hair.

“What we saw in this room was great to see, you know, as far as democracy in action and people getting involved because rarely do we have any kind of involvement in local county issues,” said Board Chair Keith Radig.

Radig and Justin Wright voted against the change while supervisors Matthew Ung, Rock De Witt, and Jeremy Taylor cast yes votes in support of the ordinance change.