SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – A record number of voters are expected to cast absentee ballots during next month’s general election.

Woodbury County auditor Pat Gill said under a recent emergency directive, officials will be able to begin opening those ballots the Saturday before Election Day.

Gill, who spoke at today’s Rotary Club meeting said those voters choosing to cast their ballot in person will be able to properly socially distance from others.

“Our numbers are on an uptick right now. We’re very concerned about that so we’re working very hard to put together a plan so voters that want to go on Election Day, they have the opportunity to go there. That’s why we’re opening 44 polling places to alleviate the pressure that will be on lines in those polling places,” said Gill.

Gill said the rising number of cases is causing some concern for how many poll workers will be available on Election Day, but he said many young people are stepping up to work their first election and fill the need.