SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Woodbury County Supervisors are moving forward with a plan to fill a growing number of vacancies in the County Attorney’s Office.

Members agreed Tuesday night to provide additional compensation and sign-on bonuses in an effort to fill six openings at the attorney’s office.

Board Chairman Matthew Ung said funds from the American Rescue Plan Act will be used to pay the increases. He said the act allows spending for employee retention.

Ung told KCAU 9 that news of a staff shortage in the attorney’s office came as a surprise to board members.

“This is the first time since January that I would say the board has been made aware of such a substantial issue,” Ung said. “Six positions out of 18 is an extraordinary situation that is not replicated in any other department in the county so we need to take decisive action.

Ung said it is now up to union representation to work out a memo of understanding concerning the board’s offer.

County Attorney James Loomis took office earlier this month after winning the election over PJ Jennings last November.