SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Woodbury County is a step closer to modifying its wind turbine setback requirements.

“So if we want to help these communities grow in Woodbury County, we need to keep the turbines out. Put the five miles out there, I think two miles is too close ” said resident Larry Fillipi, Jr.

Fillipi is one of a handful of county residents asking supervisors to modify the setback guideline for commercial wind energy systems as it pertains to city-limit protected areas.

The board of supervisors is considering a revision that stretches the setback from 600 feet to 2 miles, some at the meeting asked for a 5-mile setback, or no wind turbines at all.

“It’s time to move on and cut your losses Mid-American. Industrial wind turbines only benefit a few, while the destruction of many,” said Hornick resident Daniel Hair.

“Our perspective is individual landowner’s rights and what they want to do with their property. They’ve signed under the pretense of the existing county ordinance as it sits today. They believe that they have an opportunity to turn their farm into a better opportunity for themselves by participating in the wind project,” said Mid-American Energy spokesman William Doughtery.

Following the public hearing the supervisors unanimously passed the first reading of the amended ordinance with a 2-mile setback.

“That is not a blanket no for any wind turbines to be built, but it certainly does reduce the area that they can be built in. So that calculation of is there a viable project or not is not up to us, it’s up to Mid-American Energy and those players,” said supervisors chairman Matthew Ung.

The ordinance must pass 3 readings before going on the books. Ung told KCAU 9, a 5-mile setback could still be brought before the board but for now

A 2nd reading of the ordinance is set for May 16 at 4:45 p.m. at the Woodbury County Courthouse.