SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Woodbury County Supervisors continue to move toward making structural improvements at the Trosper-Hoyt County Services building.

That building is home to the County Motor Vehicle Department and houses more than 50 years of county records, but the weight associated with decades of documents is causing damage to the building built in 1915.

“And basically, the county had a building assessment done and those structure of the wall itself was found to be lacking and so this is to reinforce those walls with a steel structure that will keep it functionally for us for years to come,” said Keith Radig of the Woodbury County Supervisors.

On Tuesday, county supervisors approved a public meeting to determine exactly what work will be done and who can bid the project.

In a seprate building matter, supervisors are considering either renovating the Woodbury County Emergency Services building in Climbing Hill or building a new facility.

County staffers said the current building is in need of imprvements and the second floor is home to a colony of bats.