SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Woodbury County supervisors are weighing in on two carbon dioxide pipelines.

The pipelines would carry carbon dioxide produced during the ethanol-making process.

The pipelines are proposed to run through dozens of Iowa counties, including Woodbury.

Supervisors are concerned companies behind the pipelines will use eminent domain in order to build.

Tuesday night, members began drafting a letter to the Iowa Utilities Board, opposing the pipeline project.

“It is not the County Board of Supervisor’s decision on whether or not the pipeline comes through Woodbury County. But we do feel that if the utilities board really looks at this that the companies looking to build their pipelines should purchase the agreements with the farmers as they go and find willing sellers rather than using eminent domain,” says Board Chairman Keith Radig.

The companies behind the pipelines have already been holding informational meetings throughout Siouxland, the first step in the approval process.