Woodbury County politicians react to Capitol breach

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Political leaders right here in in Woodbury County are voicing their concerns on what took place at Capitol Hill.

An unimaginable scene taking place inside the nation’s capitol protesters pushed their way through security and on to the senate floor.

“The hardest part of watching today’s events is that through the use of violence we saw protesters and indviduals put the lives of law enforcement at risk, put the lives of journalists, people in the capital, and officials that we have elected at risk, “said Chris Hall, Iowa State Representative.
The event forcing a lockdown of the building and putting a halt to the certification of Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

“The people who were involved in this, who undertook this activity were directly attempting to disrupt and prevent a constitutionally directed activity this is incredibly egregious,” said Steve Warnstadt, a former Iowa Representative. 

 As for what’s at the root of Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol, many are asking what part the president played.

“It was sad day and something that never should have happened and really only happened because of the incitement of violent that our president called for,” said Hall. 

“But this is anarchy, this is lawless behavior that no one can condemn, no one can support and these are not republicans taking these actions,” said Suzan Stewart, chairperson of the Woodbury County GOP. 

With order once again restored, Warnstadt says getting past the low point and finding new common ground will be key.

“You know we have problems with each other, but the way to address those problems is to engage in direct but peaceful activity,” said Warnstadt. 

“You know we’ve all changed our party identification over the years once or twice, at least most of us have, and we need to realize were all Americans, and we have some kind of common interests,” said Stewart.

The house and senate are resuming thier joint session getting back to the final step in formalizing president-elect Joe Biden’s electoral win are in the process.

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