SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Woodbury County is a step closer to having an updated ordinance, regulating commercial wind energy systems.

Several county residents were on hand today when supervisors voted on the proposed changes.

Supervisors unanimously approved a second reading of the setback ordinance. The minimum setback from residential areas remains at 2 miles, however, the requirement for conservation areas was amended from a half mile to one mile.

A third and final reading of the ordinance is set for next Tuesday. Many of those at Tuesday’s meeting expressed frustration that the issue continues to be debated.

“I’m tired of having to defend our rights as property owners to do what we need to do. I guess I’m wondering how many more times will we need to change the law or make new rules because someone’s not happy about something. We can’t please everybody all the time,” said Chuck Hoelker of Kingsley

“And you know that’s just part of the process, there’s going to be people wanting more or less. We cast the net very wide, we get a lot of public comment and we move forward with what we think is best for the community’s needs and wants,” said board chair Matthew Ung

Supervisors also heard a presentation from Summit Carbon Solutions the company is proposing about 20 miles of C02 pipeline in Woodbury County. Supervisors previously said any decision on that matter remains at the state level.