SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — After raising concerns about not being kept in the loop regarding construction delays at the new Woodbury County Jail, County Supervisor Chairman Matthew Ung has now toured the facility.

Ung, who’s currently out of state, along with fellow Supervisors and LEC Authority Member Mark Nelson, toured the jail site last week and they shared their observations with fellow supervisors and residents attending the board’s regular Tuesday meeting.

Speaking by telephone, Ung called the project “colossal” and he said that work continues throughout the facility. Specifically, in terms of fire dampeners that are being installed in the HVAC system, after being left out of the design plans.

It’s that oversite that is largely responsible for a several months-long delay in the jail opening. According to Nelson, 16 of 37 dampeners are in place.

“We were there for, I think, just short of two hours. A lot of the work that was going on at the time we were there were the fire dampeners. We know that there were 37 that were missed in the original architectural drawings and they are working as quick as they can to try to get some of those put in,” said Nelson, “My question was how efficiently this can be done, if there’s prep work and you bring in certain sub-contractors that knock them all out at once. It’s really not going to be that way.”

Nelson says it’s his hope that the remaining members of the board also will have an opportunity to tour the project in the near future.