SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – For local gun shop owner Chase Cejka, it’s not surprising several Iowa counties have recently declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.”

Those resolutions passed in both Jasper County and Hardin County earlier this month due to concerns Department of Justice model legislation could heighten extreme risk protection orders and other gun control measures.

“It’s every day we hear about a new law, or [that] they want to enact a new set of regulations to stiffen up how to purchase a firearm,” Cejka said.

Woodbury County District 5 Supervisor Rocky De Witt says he is considering a similar resolution.

“It just basically states that the county will not supply any manpower, any money, any storage, any office space, or any of that kind of thing should the feds decide to come in and try this,” De Witt said.

This comes as a record number of Iowans died of gunshot wounds in 2020.

The Iowa Department of Public Health says the state saw a 23% increase in fatalities last year—353 deaths—beating the state’s previous record of 287 deaths in 2019. According to state data, that includes an 80% increase in homicides.

De Witt brought up a “Gun Sanctuary” measure in January as an information item, but it was put on hold due to work on the upcoming Woodbury County Law Enforcement Center.

“I’ve talked to many law enforcement officers—city, county, state, all of them—I haven’t found one who is against the measure. I’m hoping to get it done before Labor Day,” De Witt said.

“Really, it’s not like they’re trying to change the laws, or do anything crazy—they’re just trying to support the Constitution we already have in place,” Cejka said.