SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — After hearing resident concerns regarding the future of MidAmerica Energy’s Port Neal power plant, Woodbury County supervisors offered some clarity on the subject today.

Board chair Keith Radig tells us the concerns arose after recent discussion about wind farm expansion in woodbury county.

Board Chair Keith Radig told KCAU 9 the concerns arose after recent discussions about wind farm expansion in Woodbury County. After a recent meeting including board member Jeremy Taylor, the Siouxland Chamber and MidAmerican Energy, Radig said he doesn’t see any changes coming.

“The main concern is if you rely soley on wind in a place like Woodbury County where you have such variations of temperature, that in a severe temperature event we wouldn’t have the power with just wind alone. So we need the coal as kind of like a battery or fall back when there’s just not enough wind in the area.” said Radig.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Radig read a prepared statement including information from the meeting recently attended by Taylor. In it, MidAmerican representative Sam Wagner indicated Port Neal and it’s 100+ employees aren’t going away and that Mid American is committed to a diverse energy portfolio and recognizes the critical need for all energy sources including coal, wind and nuclear.

Radig said ultimately anyone expressing issues with how utilities are regulated in Iowa should contact lawmakers or the state utility board.