EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve updated the story to include a statement from Jeremy Taylor.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A new court filing identifies Woodbury County Supervisor Jeremy Taylor as an “unindicted co-conspirator” as part of the voter fraud case against his wife, Kim Taylor.

Authorities say the alleged fraud occurred while Jeremy Taylor was a candidate for U.S. representative of Iowa’s 4th District and again during the 2020 general election when he successfully ran for Supervisor of the 5th District, the Department of Justice said.

According to a trial brief in Kim Taylor’s case, evidence of prior statements by Jeremy Taylor have been introduced in the case. Several people are expected to testify against her for these allegations.

The documents specified that “other candidates for office, Rocky DeWitt and Chad Sheehan, will testify at trial” and claim Jeremy Taylor said he had a “lock” on a substantial number of votes from the Vietnamese community in Sioux City, and that he, his wife, and another person would be helping the community fill out their ballots.

Documents further allege that Jeremy Taylor promised to get between 500 and 700 votes for a Sheehan as a then-candidate for sheriff if he made a donation to Jeremy Taylor’s campaigns. Sheehan did not make a donation.

DeWitt is also expected to testify that Jeremy Taylor said he had “influence over 700 Vietnamese
voters,” documents state.

Court records state that voter witnesses are expected to testify that Jeremy Taylor and his wife not only helped them fill out voting documents but would complete and collect the documents for them. Jeremy and Kim Taylor were also allegedly seen dropping off voting material at the ballot dropbox.

KCAU 9 reached out to Jeremy Taylor for comment. In part of a statement, he said that the truth will come out during the trial and they hope the outcome will be favorable. Read his full statement below.

This is not true. The truth is going to come to come out in my wife’s trial next week. I fully support her as my wife and the mother of my children. Given the facts, we hope that the outcome of the trial will be favorable and that the truth will prevail.

Jeremy Taylor

Kim Taylor was charged with 26 counts of providing false information in registering and voting, three counts of fraudulent registration, and 23 counts of fraudulent voting, according to a Jan. 12 release from the U.S. Department of Justice. She was later additionally charged with three charges of fraudulent registration.

Kim Taylor was accused of being involved in a scheme to “generate votes” in the June 2020 primary election, however, the documents state that the first reports of potential voter fraud occurred during the November 2020 general election. This came after two absentee ballots were submitted that had not been signed or completed by the people whose names were on the ballots.

A prior release stated that Kim Taylor allegedly “submitted or caused others to submit dozens of voter registrations, absentee ballot request forms, and absentee ballots containing false information.”

Kim Taylor was arrested on January 12 and the initial trial date was set for March, but was continued and is now scheduled for Monday, November 13.

Kim Taylor faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison for each count.