LAKE PARK, Iowa (KCAU) – A woman involved in the death of a Siouxland woman was sentenced to prison on Tuesday.  

According to court documents filed with the Dickinson County District Court, Allison Decker was sentenced to life in prison for first-degree murder and an indeterminate term not exceeding two years for third-degree theft.  

Decker was arrested in July 2021 after she and her accomplice Justice Berntson were found with stolen property that belonged to the victim, Angel Bastman, and her family.  

Investigations found that Berntson and Decker were at the Bastman’s residence around the time of her death, and records showed that they made statements about being involved in the crime.

Decker would later be accused of tampering with a witness through text messages that the court found to be an attempt to get the witness to change their testimony.  

Bernston was sentenced to 25 years in June after pleading guilty to attempting to commit murder.